From The Desk of Mike Waters
Las Vegas, NV

If you replied to this email right now, it would go to customer service, and you would get a reply, and my team would help you in any way we can.

Some people think it's weird that I haven't answered my emails in years. The reason is simple; I have to focus on writing this email to you daily and providing value to you.

If I responded to all replies and customer service emails, it'd burn at least a couple of hours per day from me, and so many other things would suffer.

If you're still answering your emails or taking phone calls, I'd highly recommend you bring someone on your team who you trust to take this off of your plate.

Don't overthink it either. You can hire someone for two hours per day at $12/hr. If there are 22 working days in a month, it will "cost" you $528/mo.

What could you do with not only the extra time but the additional thinking and executing you could accomplish by freeing all of that stress up.

And if that person you hired can handle all of your emails and phone calls in 45 minutes, have them help you with other things for the other 75 minutes to help you grow your business.

Do you know how many stay-at-home moms there are that could use an extra $500/mo to help with their family?

Here's another side benefit.

If you've never had an assistant, this will help you think about your business differently. It will make you think about "systems" and efficiency.

It's time to stop stressing yourself out and bring on the right help.

You're actually LOSING money by not paying someone for their help.

Be blessed,
Mike Waters


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