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Corporate Athlete Mike Waters, Co-Owner of Phase 1 Sports: How Your Health and Your Business Work Together  

This video was born when someone asked me what they thought was a very simple question. Why do you train so hard?   I’m sure they expected a very simple answer like “I want to look good!” Nope. Not even close.   

Looking good is really just the result of working hard and being discipline on your nutrition. The reason I workout so hard is a little deeper than that. First of all I don’t workout, I train. That means I have a specific training program, schedule and a specific goal that I’m trying to reach every single month.  Now, back to the answer to the question. I work hard because for me, training is preparation for life.  As a business owner running multiple businesses there will always be levels of stress and anxiety that comes with it. 

So every time I walk into the gym to train I push myself to the max. My thought process is this. If I push myself to the limit, when life throws the unexpected at me I’m 100% prepared to handle it. Not to mention that the key to success is health. There are so many successful entrepreneurs that are making tons of money, but struggle every day with their health. 

So as great and cool as wealth can be, without health and quality of life what does it really mean!  So for all my Corporate Athletes out there let’s make health the #1 priority. If you do, I can guarantee a higher level of success both short and long term.   

Mike Waters, Phase 1 Sports  info@phase1sports.com

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