Don’t Give Yourself Permission to Make Excuses!

No matter your goal and mission in life there’s one thing that can stop you. EXCUSES. 

It’s crazy how without even realizing it, we can allow ourselves to create excuses. It’s easy to notice excuses when it’s you that is doing the judging. But, we rarely take the time to analysis the excuses that we make in our own lives. We know what we should be doing to get to that next level of success, but we still make excuses and justify why we aren’t doing it. The goal of this podcast is to get you to 1st recognize the areas in your life that you have created excuses for. Once you realize it, now it’s time to get rid of the excuses, put a plan in place and get to the next level of success!   

Mike Waters, Phase 1 

IG @iamphase1

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